Who is John of God?

John of God in prayer

John of God/Joao de Deus was a young teenager when he became a healer. Born to a family who rarely had enough to eat, he was clairvoyant as a boy. One day in his early teens, he went to a river to bathe and the spirit of a radiant woman—who later turned into a ball of light—told him to go to a nearby spiritual center. This spirit later became known to be St. Rita of Cassia – Brazil’s patron saint of miracles.  John followed her instructions, found the center, walked up the stairs, and knocked on the door—and that was the last thing he remembered till he came to, three hours later, to find a circle of people standing over him.

John immediately apologized and tried to reassure the people that he had probably fainted from hunger, and that he would be fine. They told him, "No, you don't understand. You have been healing people for the last three hours." Having no recall of such a thing, he had trouble believing it. But the next day several hundred people gathered, and the director of the center announced to them that the spirit of King Solomon was once again going to heal people as he had done the day before through the medium John. 

Young John had no idea what the director was talking about, but as they began to pray, he slipped once more into a kind of faint, left his body, entered a warm light, and returned again several hours later to find that miraculous healings had once more happened through him.

Since that time, more than fifty years ago, John has been used by the Spirit—sometimes despite great adversity—to heal millions of people from such diverse maladies as cancer, HIV/AIDS, asthma, paralysis, psychological problems, and more. Not only does the spirit—or "entity," as they say at Casa de Dom Inacio—of King Solomon use John's body as a medium of healing, but so do more than thirty other compassionate entities who wish to continue serving humanity. These entities are the spirits of departed doctors, herbalists, chiropractors, and other healers, who have apparently chosen to continue helping the human population from the spirit realm. These entities say they do not cure the problems—they heal the source of the problems. Nevertheless, cancers have disappeared, including a number of cases of leukemia, people with crushed spines have begun to move their legs again, and people haunted by mental demons have found peace of mind.   

To this day, John has no recall of what happens when he is "incorporated" by these various entities. Because of this, he is known as an “unconscious” trance medium.  In his normal state of awareness he has no knowledge of medicine—and in fact as a child had only a few years of elementary school education—and to find out what he has done while  "incorporated" by the spirit entities, he has to watch the videos filmed daily of his work. It is almost impossible to fathom what his life must be like, as he is literally "not there" much of the time. He dedicates three days a week to doing his healing work, seeing anywhere from an average of 500 to occasionally several thousand people per day during those three days.   And on weekends, he often travels to other parts of Brazil and sees 5,000 to 15,000 people.
John of God established his center in Abadiania on the advice of the a channeled message from Brazil’s famous medium of information and writing – “Chico Xavier” - some twenty years ago. The reasons for choosing that particular location is that the land there is highly energized from a high density of crystals in the ground and possible ley line conjunctions—a true "power spot." There is also a sacred cachoeira—or waterfall—within walking distance of the center, and with the permission of the entities one can go there for additional healing. It is an ideal place for Joao's work, and apparently other forces like the area as well, for there are regular UFO and “orb” sightings there.

When I first traveled to the Casa in 1998, almost all of the visitors were Brazilian, often poor and unable to afford regular medical care, but sometimes include upper echelon military and political figures, and frequently include people whose doctors have told them there was no cure for what ailed them. Now, as word of John’s abilities have spread worldwide, we encounter people from numerous countries there every day.  Most of the people who see him are prescribed herbal remedies made of the herb passiflora (passion flower) leaf, a non-medicinal herb that has mild calming effects.  Each person’s batch of herbs is specially attuned to their individual needs by some of the Casa entities. Some people are told to have "operations." These operations are spiritual, in the sense that the "entities" of Casa work on them invisibly in the "operating room," and no physical hands or instruments touch those receiving the operations.  Of those who are told to have operations, a few elect to have "visible operations."

I was able to witnessed many dozens of these "visible operations" and experienced my own "invisible operations."  One of these invisible operations (with no physical hands touching me) removed a cyst that had been on my chest for several years in addition to removing some spiritual and psychological energies that had troubled me for decades. It is difficult to fathom these invisible operations, as they are done by the entities. Nonetheless, they are quite real, and I have interviewed – and had in my groups - many people who have benefited from them.

I saw one man—an American, who I interviewed after his healing—receive the benefits of an invisible operation. Over the past ten years due to a spinal problem, his ability to walk without a cane had deteriorated, and he also became unable to write due to increasing weakness in his right arm. Within minutes of leaving the "operating room" where he'd received his invisible surgery, he threw away his cane and, with a radiant look upon his face, began walking and running vigorously about to the delighted applause of all who were present. And that night he was able to write for the first time in years.

The visible operations are only slightly easier for the Western mind to grasp. If one has elected to have a visible operation and John/entity has given his consent, the entitiessomehow anaesthetize the  "patient" without the use of any physical anesthetic. The entities also sterilize the primitive surgical instruments—which receive no other sterilization. Once the moment arrives, John "in entity" begins to operate. I have personally watched him scrape eyes with a simple kitchen knife, removing cataracts, and treating other eye problems. The patients are awake, conscious, and yet do not register pain during these surgeries. Remember the last time you simply had a bit of dust in your eye and how uncomfortable that was? And yet, those being operated on by the entities do not experience a knife scraping on the eyeball as painful.  
I have also watched Joao "in entity" cutting one-inch to four-inch incisions on patients' abdomens, backs, breasts, and arms, again with no pain registering in these people. In fact, they seem to be deeply relaxed and often in a state of trance. Most of the time they are standing up during these surgeries! And there is hardly any blood. Some incisions do not bleed at all, while others may shed a few drops. I got so used to this that I have had to check several times with medical people since I returned to see if this really is unusual. Recently I showed a video of John "in entity" cutting a long incision on someone, and asked someone in the audience who was a surgical nurse if the lack of blood was normal or not. She was in a state of amazement just watching the video, and reported that usually by that point in a "normal" operation the surgical staff would be cauterizing blood vessels like crazy to stop the bleeding.

However dramatic these visible physical operations are, they are really only a small percentage of what goes on at the Casa, and most people prefer to have invisible rather than visible surgeries, the invisible ones being equally effective as the visible ones. The spiritual energy and power is quite tangible, and people who go to the Casa have the opportunity twice a day to sit in one of the two "current rooms." The current rooms are so named because the entities, in conjunction with those people sitting there to receive or offer help, provide a constant and powerful current of healing energy pouring through the room—this in addition to the natural energy pouring up from the Earth. I've spent hundreds of hours in the current rooms and have experienced visions, "paranormal" awareness and communication, and a great deal of healing.  The entities have instructed me in various healing methods during my times in the current, and in response to my request, are helping me to be an increasingly effective vehicle of healing energy myself as the years go by.

Although I have spent time in all of the Casa current rooms over the years, since 2003 most of my work “in current” at the Casa takes place in the spiritual operations room, where I act as a conduit of energy to assist those receiving their surgeries and later in each session, for those who come through to sit for a few minutes to receive their “energy pass,” a form of energy transmission, spiritual cleansing, and transmission of energy.

My observations are that the most important gift people receive, in addition to whatever physical or psychological healing they might experience, is profound spiritual healing, a deepening or renewal of faith in the invisible world of Spirit and Divine love.  

I've asked others, and myself, why the spirits/entities have chosen Brazil for this work. John is not completely alone in what he does there. Brazil is, and has been, rich with healers and spiritual abundance of many kinds. Some fifty years ago another simple village man, the famous Ze Arrigo (described in depth in the book Surgeon of the Rusty Knife), was incorporated by the entity "Dr. Fritz." This spirit of a German doctor from World War I also performed miraculous healings and surgeries on thousands of Brazilians, via the medium Ze Arrigo. When I was in Brazil, I also witnessed various trance medium painters incorporating various past masters—Picasso, Van Gogh, Renoir, and many others—creating brand new masterpieces in their unmistakable styles in fifteen minutes flat.

Many Brazilians are familiar with – and often participate in – Spiritist activities.  Spiritism, very prevalent in Brazil, is a metaphysical body of knowledge and practice developed originally in the 1800s by Alan Kardec, a Frenchman who was intrigued with mediumship.  From his vast research, he put together the results of his research in a number of books, which explain reincarnation, what happens to the human spirit when it departs the body, and various aspects of mediumship.

In addition, there are various “syncretic” spiritual paths in Brazil the combine Catholicism, Spiritism and African spiritual traditions, and are also highly mediumistic. 

Brazil is a cultural melting pot that has blended and recombined strands of many traditions into glowing necklaces of multifaceted beauty and power. The land itself hums from the high degree of crystalline structure in the earth itself, the wonderfully ionized atmosphere around its many waterfalls and the fertile "green" energy of the jungles and rain forests that give Brazil the well-earned title of the "lungs of the Earth." All of these elements combine to create a country rich in spiritual and energetic powers—a true feast for any spiritual seeker and the answer to my question "why Brazil?"! With my strong connections to the power of the Earth and my own eclectic, multicultural background, I found a special sense of belonging within the spiritual heart of Brazil, and the spirit of Brazil has found a deep place within my heart. Perhaps it calls you as well.

My path has been rich and varied. Forty years ago I began working with a dance shaman, venturing daily into a world rich with multifaceted energies and healing. I took my experiences from that world and began to work as a dance therapist, later supplementing my knowledge with a master's degree in psychology. But meanwhile, I continued to work with shamans and other spiritual teachers and healers from many cultures, and I began pioneering work in the newly emerging holistic health field. Spirit guided me eventually to write two books, The Return of Spirit: A Woman's Call to Spiritual Action, and A Season of Eagles,to create healing, dance, and rite of passage/initiation ceremonies for individuals and groups, and to teach courses that synthesize aspects of these many paths, which I have been offering throughout the world since 1984.

In 1998 I returned to the U.S.--transformed--from several months in Brazil with John of God.  That  journey was the logical next step on my path of cumulative spiritual "research" and training." Since that time I have spent an average of four to six months each year in Brazil as a result of what I found there, acting as a guide to people from all over the world wishing to experience the work of the Casa.  And at John of God’s request, on the rare occasions that he travels outside of Brazil to do his work, I accompany him to oversee the room in which the spiritual surgeries/”Divine interventions” take place.

My life has been spiritually renewed and enriched by my contact with the healing powers and mysteries I encountered in Brazil, as have been the lives of the participants in the groups I take there. I joyfully bring some of this energy with me now as I travel around and outside the US to teach workshops, offer private consultations, perform healing ceremonies, and take people to discover the spiritual riches of Brazil. And I thank John of God, whose work has transformed my life, and who often says “I have never healed anyone – it is God who heals.”

If you would like information on the healing journeys to Brazil, please look over the itinerary page and contact me for further information or to register.  If you would like to read a more in-depth description of John of God’s work and those who have benefitted from it, I invite you to read  “The Book of Miracles: The Healing Work of Joao de Deus,” which I wrote and was published in the year 2000.  (see BOOKS, CDs AND MUSIC TAPES BY JOSIE RAVENWING for information on how to order this book and others).

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