Brazilian Healing Crystals

Crystals from Brazil and the Casa de Dom Inacio – John of God’s healing center

These crystals are extremely special in many ways. They have the internal mysteries of phantoms, portals, rainbows, chlorophyll energy and beams of light throughout them. Additionally, many have the added blessing of the healing energy from the Casa da Dom Inacio.

In addition, requests can be made for purchase of crystal and other colored stone, as well as Brazilian wood, rosaries that have been blessed at the Casa.

Each crystal and rosary purchased from the Casa also benefits the on-going maintenance of the Casa. The proceeds assist in keeping the grounds kept and provide the daily soup that is fed to the guests and at the satellite soup kitchen at no charge every day. 


Prices range from about $25 - $200 plus shipping and handling. Contact us and we will be happy to review our current supply with you, or to take requests for types of crystals and rosaries.  While most of the crystals are single points of clear quartz, we also have citrine and smoky quartz points as well as some clear quartz clusters.  Some crystals have green chlorophyll inside, some are filled with sparkling silver or gold rutile threads, and some have internal phantoms showing up as striations or pyramids.  Each crystal is unique and special and has it's own qualities that make it a very personal gift, depending on what qualities the crystal holds within. Simply tell us your price range and we can let you know what we have in stock and offer suggestions for your individual needs.

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