Music CDs and Tapes
by Josie RavenWing

Music Tapes and CDs by Josie RavenWing

Josie’s rich voice, especially when singing Native chants, takes listeners into other realms of Spirit, and can be used for inner/shamanic journeying and healing.

Cassette tapes or CDs written, sung and produced by Josie RavenWIng .

Tape/CD descriptions:

"I Send a Voice": primarily Native American chants as well as a few composed by Josie in a similar style.

"RavenWing": primarily in Native American style, these songs and chants came to Josie during extended vision quest ceremonies during which she asked Spirit to give her new songs to uplift and inspire others.

"Trail of Power": songs of diverse styles and musical accompaniment, including flute, guitar, piano, drums and much more.  The songs are primarily spiritual in their themes and represent an exciting versatility of composition by RavenWing. Her song “What I Want for You” from this tape/cd won a national songwriter’s award.

In addition to Josie’s music, listeners can enjoy this rare and unique CD of traditional Fulnio Indian music, sung and recorded by members of the Fulnio tribe of Brazil:

“Songs of the Fulnio Tribe”

This recently released CD offers, for the first time to the international community, the Fulnio voice in the form of prayers and songs in Yate (the Fulnio language), their lush harmonies, and the spiritual energy of ancient traditions that comes through these songs and prayers.  There are fourteen songs, filled with vibrant power, and three spoken prayers on this CD.

Profits from sales of the CD go to the Fulnio community.  For more information on the Fulnio people, go to their page on this web site (listed on both home and contents page as Fulnio Indians of Northeastern Brazil).

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