Josie RavenWing's Workshops

Josie RavenWing has been creating and teaching unique workshops nationally and abroad since 1983. The subjects come under two primary categories: healing and spirituality. These workshops average 75% experiential and 25% lecture, and are practical and relevant to people from diverse cultures and spiritual paths.  The formats range in length from one-hour presentations to seven-day programs like the Desert Visions retreats, and the extended two‐week healing journeys to the Casa and the one‐week journeys to the Fulnio Indians in Brazil.

Josie has taught in many locations throughout North America, Europe and South Africa, and is constantly expanding both her workshop topics and the locations to which she travels and teaches. Those who have attended and benefited come from all walks of life, including various professionals, healers, creative artists and clergy.  Please see how to contact if you would like her to teach in your part of the world or would like more information on upcoming scheduled events.

Some of the specific topics Josie offers in her  various workshops are as follows:

  • presentations on the work of John of God/Joao de Deus, including healing work for group participants
  • gathering energy/increasing vitality: power-gathering exercises,
    herbs nutrition
  • cutting energy cords to release stagnant or harmful energies from
    the past
  • connecting to nature as a spiritual resource
  • use of ceremony for healing and personal empowerment: sweat lodge, rite of passage, vision  quest, moon ceremonies, soul retrieval, and more
  • dance/movement as therapy and vehicle to spiritual ecstasy
  • stress release: meditation, rhythmic movement, breath work,
    guided imagery
  • contemporary uses of shamanic technology for healing and
    spiritual development
  • womens spirituality: includes “moon time” and menopause teaching


Workshop Testimonials:

"Over 40 people showed up last night for Josie RavenWing's presentation on John of God's work and the healing portion that was included.  We all received WONDERFUL healings from Josie, who is a phenomenal healer. 

"One of our friends named Bert (Umberto) Martinez who attended actually felt his abdominal organs moved and shoved rather roughly during the healing portion. He couldn’t help but yelp!  And yet, Josie never touched him.  So Josie was right when she said that can happen, that sometimes people receive spiritual surgeries during these events. 

"Josie is by far the best healer Ramon, who is also a medium, has ever met.  Ramon can allow only as much as perhaps 5 healer-entities to come in and out of him after which he is wiped out.  The constant shifts in energy can wear most healers out, including Ramon who is more physically and energetically fit than most of us.  Josie, however, had over 40 healer-entities that Ramon could see go through her, one for each and every person in that room, and she wasn’t tired. Am not sure if she trained for that kind of work or she was born with that gift, but whatever it is she deserves kudos."
Kim and Ramon

"I can’t thank you enough for the workshop and especially for the healing I received at your session on John of God at the Jamar Center in Palm Beach Gardens. The early morning "spirit chiropractic adjustment" was amazing. As a result of the workshop/ healing session, the growths in my neck literally disappeared and I am no longer concerned about having the next sonogram. Miracle of miracles! I feel spiritually energized and look forward to visiting the Casa. I know it is the spiritual opening I have been waiting for. Blessings to you for the incredible work you do."
Nancy Boca Raton, Florida

"Thank you again, Josie, for one of the most profound moments in my life.  I had a tremendous shift, the third cord I cut was that of an abuser in my past and I feel the weight of the world has been lifted.  I have always been blessed to see a lovely purple sphere when I close my eyes and after the cord cutting ceremony I now see hundreds of little purple lights when I close my eyes.    

"The experience at the 'pool of reflections' is what really effected me: my spirit was that of  fairy and when I initially looked in the pool, I didn't see a reflection.  Then she told me to look up a little, at which point I saw her.  Then she told me to look down at the pool again at which point I saw hundreds of faces that seem to go on endlessly.  When I asked who those people were she said they were all the spirits and guides here to help me on my journey, the journey that now I was truly ready to begin."
Natalie, Florida

"Thank you so much for taking us through the Cord Cutting Workshop.  It was very powerful.  I thought I would share with you that in the 'mother' cord-cutting, the pain I had in my back left me and has not come back—I canceled my chiropractor visit today.  In the 'father' cord-cutting, the pain I had in abdomen left me instantly and has not come back.  And my third choice was my daughter who is in her mid-twenties and lives with me (though she is gainfully employed), and I sometimes think we are too dependent on each other.  During that cord cutting the pain I had in my right hand and my headache left me.  None of the significant pain I had last night when I began the evening has returned.  I was going to the chiropractor today to try to take care of the back, hand and headache because they have been bothering me all week.  I am pain-free today.  Talk about moving blockages and old 'sewage'!

"I took an inner shamanic journey about 3 or 4 years ago and it was a life-changing event.  My power animal was a bear, and I again saw my bear in the 'pool of reflections' last night.  It made me very happy to see him there, and I loved the image of looking off of my dock into the clear, glassy waters at my reflection—again a very happy reflection.  Finally, taking in the golden light surrounding me was amazing.  Words can’t describe it all."
Tampa, Florida

  "Your cord cutting workshop was one of the most unusual and most rewarding processes I have ever experienced. Personally I had a noticeable energy recharge beginning first thing the next morning and my mind has become less frantic.  I would love to participate in another such ceremony as names and faces of other people I need to cut cords to have resurfaced from my past that I had consciously forgotten about."
Tampa, Florida

I was led to attend Josie RavenWing’s cord cutting workshop in Seattle.  I had previously done cord cutting work using an entirely different technique than the one shown by Ms. RavenWing.  I have to say I was totally unprepared for the speed and results from using Ms. RavenWing’s technique.  It is by far the fastest way to get results for something that had only gotten worse as I had gotten older (61).  I had always felt smothered by my mother and held down from achieving and doing a lot of things due to her interference and domineering ways.  (My mom died two years ago, so I was not sure how or even if the cord cutting would work for me.)  When we went into the exercise and arrived at the point where we were guided to “feel” the size of the cord I could hardly believe what I was feeling!  This cord was the diameter of many of the old growth trees I had seen in the forest (i.e. it was HUGE).  But by being open and allowing myself to be guided through the actual cutting process I totally surprised myself and the cutting was accomplished on the first round!  Since this workshop I have felt like I can breathe better, I am lighter and somehow I feel free at last!  Thank you so much, Josie RavenWing!
Kathy Watson, Legal Assistant


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