Private Sessions with Josie RavenWing

Josie RavenWing, M.A. (clinical & humanistic psychologies), M.F.C.C. (marriage, family & child counselor), ordained minister and certified Matrix Energetics practitioner is available for a variety of professional consultations. These include:

  • individual psychological and/or spiritual counseling sessions
  • individualized healing sessions, drawing on Reiki, Polarity Therapy, breath work, movement therapy, Matrix Energetics and other energy and/or body-centered work
  • stress release methods
  • guided meditations for internal peace, healing and accessing inner creative resources
  • energy-gathering techniques for increased health and vitality
  • cord-cutting" processes to release stagnant or harmful energy connections to people in our past (of particular value to survivors of sexual abuse and for counselors working with this population)
  • clearing spirit attachments
  • soul retrieval ceremonies
  • ceremonial and shamanic work with individuals and groups, including shamanic healing and a variety of individually-tailored rite of passage ceremonies for adolescents and adults
  • house clearings and blessings

Increasingly, Josie is also doing more healing for individuals as well as groups that is based her training and experiences in at the Casa in Brazil.  People are reporting powerful spiritual experiences and healing as a result of these sessions.

These individual sessions are available in the South Florida area or may be scheduled wherever Josie is teaching workshops throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Josie is also available to offer phone consultations for those people who cannot meet with her in person but who wish a more personalized, moment-to-moment interactive healing experience with her than by email. Feel free to contact her about this option.

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